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Heatinsulation and soundproofing materials from basalt

Production EKOVER ®

EKOVER ® is a trademark of high-quality products from mineral wool on the basis of basalt rocks.

Production EKOVER ® is intended for effective warm and sound insulation of residential, public and industrial buildings and constructions.

Basalt isolation EKOVER ® is high-quality, economically expedient material in application, is used both in civil, and in industrial construction and opens before the consumer huge possibilities in the conditions of special attention to energy saving questions.

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Properties of isolation EKOVER ®

HIGH HEATISOLATING ABILITY. Basalt isolation EKOVER possesses one of the lowest values of factor of heat conductivity (0,035 W / ) and also a high heatisolating ability. It allows to reduce heatlosses in buildings to 50 %.

HIGH FIRE RESISTANCE. A basis of mineral wool plates EKOVER are gabbro rocks of basalt group. Isolation EKOVER on degree of combustibility belongs to nonflammable group. Temperature of melting of basalt isolation is above 1000.

HIGH SOUNDPROOFING ABILITY. Thanks to fibrous structure, basalt isolation EKOVER possesses high factor of a sound absorption (more than 0,85) and is capable to reduce level of air noise to 15 dB, level of shock noise to 36 dB.

STABILITY TO DEFORMATION. Basalt isolation EKOVER keeps high heatisolating properties in the conditions of compression and maintains loading to 7 tons/sq.m.

ECOLOGICAL SAFETY. Basalt isolation EKOVER is made on the basis of basalt rocks and is ecologically safe. The newest technological line of plant EKOVER possesses effective system of cleaning which prevents emission of harmful substances in the atmosphere.

Main types of production EKOVER ®

We offer a wide choice of highly effective basalt isolation of such construction designs as cattle and flat roofs, external and internal walls, overlappings; semifixed, rigid and the increased rigidity waterproof and nonflammable mineral wool plates for effective warm and sound insulation of designs of a facade, a roof, and also for use in a sandwich panels; company EKOVER specially developed the line of isolation of the all-construction appointment allowing at the minimum expenses qualitatively to warm your house for private housing construction. Isolation EKOVER corresponds to criteria of environmental friendliness, fire resistance, durability and perfectly is suitable for all types of buildings.

ALL-CONSTRUCTION ISOLATION. These are the easy nonflammable mineral wool plates intended for qualitative of warm and sound insulation in not loaded designs of all types of buildings. Are ideally suited for low and cottage construction.

FRONT ISOLATION. These are the waterproof and nonflammable mineral wool plates intended for effective of warm and sound insulation in designs of ventilated and plaster facades.

ROOFING ISOLATION. These are the waterproof and nonflammable mineral wool plates intended for effective of warm and sound insulation in designs of a flat roof.

ISOLATION FOR SANDWICH PANELS. These are the waterproof and nonflammable mineral wool plates intended for effective of warm and sound insulation in three-layer roofing and wall a sandwich panels with a metal covering.

To learn the price of products on the basis of mineral basalt wool EKOVER and terms of delivery you can at our office of sales (Trading house).

Distinctive features of isolation EKOVER ®

The basalt heater is today optimum option at the choice of the heatinsulating material for designs of any types of buildings and constructions. Mineral wool products on the basis of basalt fiber meet the highest modern requirements. To advantages which the basalt heater possesses, it is necessary to refer fine heat-shielding and acoustic properties, chemical and biological inertness, not combustibility and environmental friendliness which basalt isolation has. The basalt heater also is characterized by sufficient durability to mechanical loadings and ability to restore the former form after the termination of external influence. The basalt thermal insulation possesses the fibrous structure consisting of very thin fibers closely bound among themselves between which air keeps. Thanks to it, heat conductivity which has the basalt heater is close to the best heat insulator - to air in the motionless condition.

Mineral basalt wool (basalt plate) is the fibrous nonflammable, harmless, waterproof material received on the basis of silicate melt of breeds of the gabbro and basalt group. Mineral basalt wool has rather long history of use that allows to speak about her reliability and durability. Service life which mineral basalt wool and heaters on her basis, possesses more than 50 years. The additional benefit of mineral wool - high factor of the steam permeable. It allows water vapor to get freely through mineral basalt wool, keeping the material from moisture accumulation.

Distinctive features of products on the basis of mineral basalt wool are: not combustibility; high warm and soundproofing ability; stability to temperature deformations; water repellency; high steam permeable; chemical and biological firmness; ecological safety; high adaptability to manufacture (convenience of sawing up and installation); long service life.

Application of mineral basalt wool allows to provide optimum, comfortable parameters of the microclimate in rooms, keeping heat in the winter and the cool in the summer. Basalt isolation effectively reduces level of air and shock noise. Mineral basalt wool is today the most widespread heatinsulating material. Baslat isolation at ignition is capable to keep long time the physicomechanical properties and fireproof ability. Application of basalt isolation allows to create comfortable conditions in houses. It is the excellent barrier on the way of undesirable sounds. Mineral wool is the non-polluting material. The mineral wool plate is convenient at installation. The mineral wool plate is offered today at rather low price. It, in the combination with excellent operational properties, does it by the most popular heater in the construction market. Buying mineral basalt isolation EKOVER ®, you receive the guaranteed quality and ecological safety. Production EKOVER ® is certificated and corresponds to all norms.
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